Finding Us
Easier than staking a claim

The New Royal Hotel Rubyvale is located in downtown Rubyvale, an asterisk on the map of the Gemfields region if you happen to be looking for asterisks sapphires. Rubyvale (population – 690 on a fair day) is a conveniently pared down metropolis where it is possible to provide for all your immediate needs within a short walking distance. In fact if all you need do is stay, eat, drink, play, relax and buy your booze, you’ll have no need to venture further than the NRHR!

Find us at 252m above sea level at the intersection of the Capella Rubyvale Road, Clermont Rubyvale Road, Keilambete Road and Goanna Flats Road. We are approximately 48 km west of Emerald. If you are flying in, Qantas Link and Virgin Australia serve the Central Highlands through the Emerald hub.

For those intent on driving in, nowhere is too remote to get to Rubyvale:

Barcaldine 283 km 3 hours
Brisbane via Rockhampton 1040 km 12 hours
Brisbane via Roma 930 km 11 hours
Capella 60 km ½ hour
Clermont via Capella 118 km 1 ¼ hours
Carnarvon Gorge 268 km 3 hours
Emerald 48 km ½ hour
Longreach 384 km 4 hours
Mackay 395 km 4 ½ hours
Rockhampton 322 km 3 ½ hours
Roma 454 km 5 hours
Townsville 617 km 6 ½ hours

Which definitely means that you are going to need something good to eat and drink and a comfortable room for your stay when you get here!

The nearest sea is the Coral Sea (about 230 km east north east of Rubyvale) which is part of the South Pacific Ocean. From there, it’s a hop, skip and jump to New Zealand, Asia and the Americas. We welcome you all!

In addition to the NRHR, Rubyvale is home to a convenience store, news agent, post office, gem shops, fossicking areas, another café, and two other accommodations – a caravan park and a motel. If you are planning on pitching a tent, be aware that it is illegal to camp within the town boundaries or on anyone’s claim or lease. Since the town boundaries are not clearly marked and ornery miners may as soon shoot you as warn you off their claims, we suggest you stay at the New Royal Hotel Rubyvale.

Keilambete Road

Latitude:23° 25′ 10.00" S
Longitude:147° 41′ 53.49" E
Elevation:256 Metres